[maemo-users] N810 is here

From: Peter Robinson pbrobinson at gmail.com
Date: Thu Oct 18 22:39:10 EEST 2007
> > And, no, it's not about "open and free".  Since the developers in
> > question are Nokia (since the comment was directed at the release of the
> > N810 itself, and not a request for more 3rd party development), it's
> > about how much effort the developers need to put into supporting
> > something vs. the amount of return they get from supporting it.
> Actually, it is about being open and free. Nokia promotes the tablet
> as an open platform, and is using huge amounts of free software as the
> basis for its product. To ignore ogg-vorbis support, which *is* an
> important feature for many of us (and far more valuable, to *me*, than
> WMA and AAC support), and is pretty much the only free-as-in-freedom
> codec, is a bit of a slap in the face.
> Some of us do have political agendas, such as promoting the use of free
> software. That Nokia uses our software (as is their right, according to
> our licenses), but then promotes non-free codecs/software, is a bit sad.

Vorbis support would be excellent (as would speex for voip and theora
for video) but I suspect for Nokia the majority of people that buy the
Tablets wouldn't know what any of them are let alone probably care.
Ultimately the continued development of the Internet Tablets, OS 200x
and maemo by Nokia depends on whether they make money or not so for
the mainstream wma and aac is probably more of a focus for them.

On the flipside of the above I've seen posts of people on the mailing
list getting basic DSP processing up and running (G711 from memory),
there's the fixed point implementation of vorbis (called Tremor
http://wiki.xiph.org/index.php/Tremor) which had notes and details on
the mailing list regarding the TI DSP so it probably wouldn't take
someone with some experience in this plus some gstreamer (I'm sure
some of the GST devs would be able to 'assist' (by this I mean helping
with the GST interface to the DSP if there isn't details available
already) with this as some have worked with nokia on these devices).
Then there's the DSP Gateway site
http://dspgateway.sourceforge.net/pub/index.php which has details of
programming them too.

So when it comes down to it most of the required/hard parts of vorbis
support (and probably speex to as it too has fixed point DSP
implementations) are already there. It just needs some smart
programmers to bolt the required bits together.... not being one of
those I don't know what exactly is required but I don't remember
anyone try it on the mailing list other than the G711 (... I think)


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