[maemo-users] N810 is here (ogg support)

From: Krischan Keitsch krischan.keitsch at alumni.tu-berlin.de
Date: Fri Oct 19 13:11:03 EEST 2007
Am Freitag, 19. Oktober 2007 schrieb Frederic Crozat:
> Le vendredi 19 octobre 2007 à 11:59 +0300, Eero Tamminen a écrit :
> > So, there shouldn't be any need for any Maemo specific specs, these
> > things are documented in upstream projects.  There should still be
> > a tutorial how to do these things though.
> Tutorial is already available in Maemo 3.x SDK documentation, but we
> aren't sure it is working as expected, because of mediaplayer
> "blackbox".
> > If there are still some problems after codec has been
> > correctly registered to gstreamer and mime-type database:
> > - gstreamer not recognizing the file type correctly
> I don't think it is the case, using :
> gst-launcher filesrc location=test.ogg  ! decodebin ! audioconvert !
> dsppcmsink does work, so gstreamer is handling the file correctly.
We are spinning in circles. We have been there too many times already!

> > - mediaplayer not playing the file
> I think the problem is here, unfortunately :(
> Developper documentation is a little too scarce about media player,
> unfortunately.> . 

Unfortunately. Am I wrong when I identify the missing source of the media 
player as part of the problem? Or has it been released yet?

> > - file manager or browser not launching the media player properly
> This part works fine, mediaplayer is launched properly
> > Please file bugs.
Like Bug 176, opened 2005-10-30? 
> Before filling bugs against maemo, I think it would be better to only
> have "one" ogg support package available for 770 / n800 (and soon n810)
> to make sure efforts are not duplicated.

Yepp! Convergence instead of parallel efforts! Time to puzzle should be over 
in order to mature this platform.
> As a sidenote, from my distribution persective (I'm GNOME maintainer at
> Mandriva), Maemo community "fragmentation" about packages and duplicated
> work is killing me :( There seems to be a lot of energy around there but
> often doing the thing or not using infrastructure available thanks to
> Garage (for instance, some people are only using garage as a way to ship
> files and don't store their source code in SVN).
I have been wondering that as well many times. How come that this community 
is 'fragmented'? What is causing it?

Regards Krischan

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