[maemo-users] N810 is here (ogg support)

From: Frederic Crozat fred at crozat.net
Date: Fri Oct 19 13:53:05 EEST 2007
Le vendredi 19 octobre 2007 à 12:11 +0200, Krischan Keitsch a écrit :
> Am Freitag, 19. Oktober 2007 schrieb Frederic Crozat:
> > Le vendredi 19 octobre 2007 à 11:59 +0300, Eero Tamminen a écrit :
> > > So, there shouldn't be any need for any Maemo specific specs, these
> > > things are documented in upstream projects.  There should still be
> > > a tutorial how to do these things though.
> >
> > Tutorial is already available in Maemo 3.x SDK documentation, but we
> > aren't sure it is working as expected, because of mediaplayer
> > "blackbox".
> >
> > > If there are still some problems after codec has been
> > > correctly registered to gstreamer and mime-type database:
> > > - gstreamer not recognizing the file type correctly
> >
> > I don't think it is the case, using :
> >
> > gst-launcher filesrc location=test.ogg  ! decodebin ! audioconvert !
> > dsppcmsink does work, so gstreamer is handling the file correctly.
> >
> We are spinning in circles. We have been there too many times already!

So, let's break the circle.

Using incantation won't change things. I prefer action.

> > > - mediaplayer not playing the file
> >
> > I think the problem is here, unfortunately :(
> >
> > Developper documentation is a little too scarce about media player,
> > unfortunately.> . 
> Unfortunately. Am I wrong when I identify the missing source of the media 
> player as part of the problem? Or has it been released yet?

It is one part of the problem but even if we had the source, it wouldn't
ensure the problem is fixed.

And I'm not in a mood to blame Nokia for not releasing Media Player
source code. It is part of their policy to not release code from UI
based application, I respect that, even if I regret it.

So, now, the important thing is either to find if the gconf
configuration for Media Player is wrong and can be fixed or if the
problem is in Media Player itself (help from some Nokia dudes welcome
here, hint hint :)

> > > - file manager or browser not launching the media player properly
> >
> > This part works fine, mediaplayer is launched properly
> >
> > > Please file bugs.
> <sarcasm>
> Like Bug 176, opened 2005-10-30? 
> https://bugs.maemo.org/show_bug.cgi?id=176
> </sarcasm>

I think you can drop this kind of reply. And I'm serious. This bring

> > As a sidenote, from my distribution persective (I'm GNOME maintainer at
> > Mandriva), Maemo community "fragmentation" about packages and duplicated
> > work is killing me :( There seems to be a lot of energy around there but
> > often doing the thing or not using infrastructure available thanks to
> > Garage (for instance, some people are only using garage as a way to ship
> > files and don't store their source code in SVN).
> I have been wondering that as well many times. How come that this community 
> is 'fragmented'? What is causing it?

I don't think it is a problem of the "community" or "infrastructure" but
more of a lack of common practices, which are already in place in
various other distributions or project, from new people trying to work
on Maemo-based software.

Frederic Crozat <fred at crozat.net>

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