[maemo-users] N810 and future directions for Maemo

From: David Hagood david.hagood at gmail.com
Date: Sun Oct 21 16:25:12 EEST 2007
I think the idea of having built-in GPS is pretty good. It's a shame
they had to lose the FM radio, but since it really needs an external
antenna to work, it's not such a loss.

However, the loss of the 2 full size SD/SDHC cards is a big loss IMHO. I
like having 16G of storage on my hip.

I wonder: did they change the USB port from a mini-B to a mini-A to
allow USB On The Go to work with an unmodified cable? That seems a
fairly minor change with fairly major benefits (once USB host mode is
more stable).

Also, I am glad that GPS is becoming a service of the environment: I'd
like to see my N800+GPS work the same way, so that multiple programs
could access the data at the same time. I wonder: will the Navicore
software pick up on the internal GPS, or will Navicore have to release
an update? Is the N810's built-in GPS software based upon the Navicore
software, or has Nokia decided to do their own - and if so, will they
open up a Bugzilla entry for suggestions (I have a raft of them: pity
that Navicore doesn't have Bugzilla set up.)

I would also like to suggest that the built-in GPS software allow for
time-syncing the device: perhaps not necessarily a full NTPD
implementation, but even doing the occasional ntpdate sync from the GPS
would be nice to keep the clock set.

Also, I'd like to see Maemo take something like flite and make it an
"official" service: by that I mean that it would be something that an
application write could count upon being available (even if it is not
installed by default but rather pulled in when needed by some other
program). I'd love to see the RSS reader and email client be able to
read my stuff to me whilst I am out and about. Even better would be
integration of speech with the GPS software - that's one thing I think
Navicore misses: being able to say "Now turn right onto Hydraulic Ave"
is much better than a simple "Now turn right" when there are multiple
roads that are right turns.

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