[maemo-users] N810 and future directions for Maemo

From: Nils Kemper nils.kemper at udo.edu
Date: Sun Oct 21 18:54:36 EEST 2007
Am Sonntag, 21. Oktober 2007 schrieb David Hagood:
> Also, I am glad that GPS is becoming a service of the environment: I'd
> like to see my N800+GPS work the same way, so that multiple programs
> could access the data at the same time. I wonder: will the Navicore
> software pick up on the internal GPS, or will Navicore have to release
> an update? Is the N810's built-in GPS software based upon the Navicore
> software, or has Nokia decided to do their own - and if so, will they
> open up a Bugzilla entry for suggestions (I have a raft of them: pity
> that Navicore doesn't have Bugzilla set up.)

The Navicore has to be updated to run under OS2008. But since Navicore was 
bought by wayfinder during the summer, you can see that the navigation 
software comes now from wayfinder:  http://wayfinder.com/?id=5436
Many of your questions seems to be answered in the corresponding FAQ:

> I would also like to suggest that the built-in GPS software allow for
> time-syncing the device: perhaps not necessarily a full NTPD
> implementation, but even doing the occasional ntpdate sync from the GPS
> would be nice to keep the clock set.

good idea


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