[maemo-users] Does N770 have a REAL memory limit to 64MB?

From: Frantisek Dufka dufkaf at seznam.cz
Date: Mon Oct 29 23:39:18 EET 2007
Ádrian Lívio wrote:
> Ryan Pavlik escreveu:
>> Booting from MMC (a rather complicated, advanced maneuver) lets you 
>> install as many applications as will fit on the MMC card you purchased 
>> - in this case, I believe the card will _not_ show up as "Removable 
>> Memory Card" in the file manager or applications, as it is essentially 
>> serving as the system's internal 'hard drive'-type device.

Yes, it will show up. This is what the first FAT partiton is for. 
However, additional partitions will be hidden.

> Hi Ryan Pavlik,
> Then, is possible to enable both solutions, boot from mmc and use swap 
> in mmc?

Yes, this is perfectly possible, again when leaving first partition as 
FAT and using next partition for system. It also works with USB storage 
when USB cable is attached with unmodified IT2006 system and with 
workaround for IT2007 system, see 


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