[maemo-users] Does N770 have a REAL memory limit to 64MB?

From: sebastian maemo sebastian.maemo at gmail.com
Date: Tue Oct 30 12:55:20 EET 2007
Yes, it is perfectly possible. MMC is partitioned in two: one is FAT and the
other is LINUX. Both of them are going  to be completely independent (they
are different partitions).

The FAT one is going to be accessible via USB to your PC. And, of course,
the system may create on it the SWAP file of 64MB.

The LINUX partition is going to be where the ROOT file system is installed.
It will be as big as  you have chosen, and it will be a bit faster because
it is not compressed. Maybe almost double faster.

2007/10/29, Ádrian Lívio <nhdezoito at gmail.com>:
> Hi Ryan Pavlik,
> Then, is possible to enable both solutions, boot from mmc and use swap
> in mmc?
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