[maemo-users] n800 user reviews

From: Steve Yelvington steve at yelvington.com
Date: Tue Oct 30 21:42:20 EET 2007
Jon Dodson wrote:
> can i plug in usb stuff to it?  i can get usb converters i dont care 
> about that.
The normal USB setup is for mounting the N800's SD cards as drives on a 
PC. There's been some discussion on this list of running the N800 in 
host mode, but that would require some cable magic and I'm unclear about 
the success rate.

If anyone has been able to plug the N800 into a digital camera I'd love 
to hear about it. Any experience with something like this?
> do bluetooth headsets work with it?  as in you got something to work?  
> if so what kind?
Haven't tried. The N800 has worked with every set of wired headphones 
I've used, though.

> battery is advertised to be about 3 hours for wifi and 5 for video, 
> does that seem to mesh with your experience?
Maybe just a tad optimistic, but I've had no issues on long airplane 
flights listening to the Greatful Dead while playing Aisle Riot.
> does the battery life degrade over time badly?
Not so far. The battery is a standard removable/replaceable Nokia BP-5L, 
which runs $30 to $50 at online retailers.

> did you find yourself needing more than the two flash card slots?  do 
> you use more than 4 gigs of storage(2 gig sd seems cheap now).
Not so far. But I haven't stocked it up with video. I am using the 
internal card primarily for swap and the external SD for media files.

> how is the UI overall?  i can console but i do enjoy ease of use(i 
> find gnome easy to use).
Not bad overall. It's more stylus-friendly than finger-friendly overall, 
especially when using some of the contrib applications (i.e. Claws 
mail). I think the upcoming revision of the UI (created for the 810) is 
a significant visual improvement and look forward to the upgrade.

In general, I use mine pretty much as a toy, for checking mail and 
looking up stuff on Google/Wikipedia while wandering around, and for Skype.

Being able to call home practically free from Europe while not having to 
drag out the laptop was very nice.

When I can't find an open wifi point, the N800 easily connects through 
my Nokia cellphone to T-Mobile's EDGE/GPRS network. Setting that up took 
about 90 seconds and all the T-Mobile magic was preconfigured for me.  
Most network providers are included. VERY well done!

Overall, though, if I had no laptop I'd make that my first priority, 
especially with Wal-Mart selling a basic Acer for about the same price 
as I paid for my N800. The very small form factor of the N800 has 
advantages, but I find it much too small for any extended work. YMMV.

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