[maemo-users] n800 user reviews

From: Jon Dodson jbdodson at gmail.com
Date: Tue Oct 30 21:54:32 EET 2007
Thanks for the feedback Steve!

I don't plan on using as a total laptop replacement, so that was a bit of a
misnomer I guess.  I plan on really using it to surf the web, watch video
and do some more advanced stuff from a slim device.  I run linux @ home so
having a device like that is what I want to roll with.

I traveled this year and a friend had a cellphone that could do internet,
that was cool.  I realized I wanted to surf the web from a small device but
I dont want the phone.  Ive had laptops in the past but they are just a bit
too big to stuff in a hiking/travel bag :)

On Oct 30, 2007 12:42 PM, Steve Yelvington <steve at yelvington.com> wrote:

> Jon Dodson wrote:
> > can i plug in usb stuff to it?  i can get usb converters i dont care
> > about that.
> The normal USB setup is for mounting the N800's SD cards as drives on a
> PC. There's been some discussion on this list of running the N800 in
> host mode, but that would require some cable magic and I'm unclear about
> the success rate.
> If anyone has been able to plug the N800 into a digital camera I'd love
> to hear about it. Any experience with something like this?
>       http://www.delkin.com/products/connect/usbbridge/
> >
> > do bluetooth headsets work with it?  as in you got something to work?
> > if so what kind?
> Haven't tried. The N800 has worked with every set of wired headphones
> I've used, though.
> >
> > battery is advertised to be about 3 hours for wifi and 5 for video,
> > does that seem to mesh with your experience?
> Maybe just a tad optimistic, but I've had no issues on long airplane
> flights listening to the Greatful Dead while playing Aisle Riot.
> >
> > does the battery life degrade over time badly?
> Not so far. The battery is a standard removable/replaceable Nokia BP-5L,
> which runs $30 to $50 at online retailers.
> > did you find yourself needing more than the two flash card slots?  do
> > you use more than 4 gigs of storage(2 gig sd seems cheap now).
> Not so far. But I haven't stocked it up with video. I am using the
> internal card primarily for swap and the external SD for media files.
> >
> > how is the UI overall?  i can console but i do enjoy ease of use(i
> > find gnome easy to use).
> Not bad overall. It's more stylus-friendly than finger-friendly overall,
> especially when using some of the contrib applications (i.e. Claws
> mail). I think the upcoming revision of the UI (created for the 810) is
> a significant visual improvement and look forward to the upgrade.
> In general, I use mine pretty much as a toy, for checking mail and
> looking up stuff on Google/Wikipedia while wandering around, and for
> Skype.
> Being able to call home practically free from Europe while not having to
> drag out the laptop was very nice.
> When I can't find an open wifi point, the N800 easily connects through
> my Nokia cellphone to T-Mobile's EDGE/GPRS network. Setting that up took
> about 90 seconds and all the T-Mobile magic was preconfigured for me.
> Most network providers are included. VERY well done!
> Overall, though, if I had no laptop I'd make that my first priority,
> especially with Wal-Mart selling a basic Acer for about the same price
> as I paid for my N800. The very small form factor of the N800 has
> advantages, but I find it much too small for any extended work. YMMV.


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