[maemo-users] Is OS2006 still supported?

From: lakestevensdental lakestevensdental at verizon.net
Date: Fri Apr 18 01:01:50 EEST 2008
IMHO, the market for current tablet like items seems stable.  Nokias 
N8xx seems to be leading the parade.  Buying into older technology just 
before it's abandoned is never fun...  

 As a point of comparison between the internet tablets and microlaptops 
-- Recently, I bought an ASUS EEE PC (microlaptop) for my daughter to 
use taking notes at college without having to lug her full size laptop 
around. Cost is the same (or less than n810).  I've had a couple weeks 
to play with it while I get everything working (like setting up her 
email, loading some documents, pictures, etc). 

    * The EEE is a very nice micro laptop with keyboard & touchpad --
      It's quite a bit larger than the n8xx tablets -- the keyboard is
      small but definitely very usable.
    * The native Linux Xandros Desktop OS really looks a lot like
      Windows XP with full versions of Tbird, Firefox and Open Office
      running just fine.
    * Fine print -- Microsoft has apparently been working with the
      Xandros Lunix folks for some reason...
    * It has VGA out, plus 3 full size USB, network port, SDHC card
      reader.  No HD, although it does recognize USB HDs & MP3. 
    * The Celeron Processor clock speed is 900Mhz with options for
      faster and/or more energy efficient options coming soon. 
    * It doesn't have Bluetooth -- it may or may not recognize a
      Bluetooth dongle...   Haven't checked.
    * It's wifi seems fine, but it's not as quickly adaptive as my n800.
    * ASUS has just (3/31/08) released its first SDK for developers so
      it's software base is a bit behind the curve compared to apps for
      the N8xx series.  The software/support base for the EEE Linux is
      thin by comparison to the N8xx.  That could easily change in the
      near future. 
    * The EEE can also be loaded up (bogged down) with Windoze XP if you
      want, but there's currently a 4 or 8G limit to internal memory
      plus another 16G for a SDHC card, so there's limits on what you
      can install and operate in XP.  How support for XP goes in the
      coming years is up for debate given MS is supposedly moving to
      Vista -- I wouldn't expect this generation of microlaptops to ever
      support Vista... They're not fast enough or big enough in memory.
    * New units with 9" screens are on the near horizon.  I'd expect
      more memory too... 
    * The current 7" screen (800x460 like the n8xx) is much easier to
      view than the n8xx with same resolution.  Rumors are a touch
      screen might be offered -- don't hold your breath on that... 
    * The EEE plays internet TV and video just fine (so long as it's in
      a format it can use).
    * The few games the EEE have look good.  It's got a decent graphics
      processor so more games could be offered as development moves along.
    * It has a sparse, but effective, application manager like the
      N8xx.  You can install, update and uninstall stuff quickly from it.
    * Battery life depends upon if you're using wifi or not.  3 hours
      seems possible without, 2 with.  Everything (but the fan) is solid
      state.  It's a modestly decent lapwarmer -- hence the fan... 

  There appears to be a significant wave of look alike linux based 
microlaptops posed hit the market -- all seem to be likely to have the 
same issue of lack of a fully developed user software base.  The 
numerous flavors of Linux may haunt compatibility and development for a 
while, especially since most seem to have their own variant of Linux 
they offer.

  Having both to play with for a while, I tend to gravitate to the N800 
while sitting in bed or carrying in my pocket or traveling.  I like the 
n8xx touchscreen.  It's also got better games and puzzles to play with.  
The EEE is great for poking around the web and answering email at the 
kitchen table or couch.  It's much too big to carry in a pocket, but 
might be fine in a modest purse or backpack.  However, if you're looking 
for a small portable unit that offers more power than the n8xx, it could 
be what you're looking for.  

Always, Fred C

Hal Vaughan wrote:
> On Thursday 17 April 2008, Ryan Abel wrote:
>> Frédéric Mantegazza wrote:
>>> As a new user of Nokia 770, I feel a little disapointed.
>> Such are the pitfalls of purchasing an almost 3 year old unsupported
>> product. ;)
> Which tells me right off if I buy the latest, I can count on it being 
> unsupported in 3 years.

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