[maemo-users] Is OS2006 still supported?

From: Quim Gil quim.gil at nokia.com
Date: Fri Apr 18 08:51:26 EEST 2008

To the originator of this thread: Nokia launched the 770 and release the
OS2006 - and we are responsible of that. But Python and many other
libraries and applications compatible with OS2006 were contributed by
third parties, and all the merit goes for them.

ext lakestevensdental wrote:
>  As a point of comparison between the internet tablets and microlaptops 

Thanks for your detailed comparison. Direct comparisons in real world
help a lot understanding (all of us) what is going on.

As much as I understand the feelings of the 770 owners, I also think
that many (not all!) comparisons we are seeing are rather simplistic and
 better for an ideal world than the real one we live in.

Nokia produces devices fitting in pockets. Let's compare devices in this
category if we really want to have a fruitful discussion.

Nowadays: what customers in the consumer electronics or the computer
industry expect continuous support and (free/paid) software updates for
devices fitting in their pockets, launched in 2005 or before? Let's look
at the real examples and let's see what can we learn from them.

You can compare OS2006 in the 770 with your distro of choice in your PC
because both are Linux-based, but this comparison won't help you
understanding the complexities behind. Platform development on top of a
PC (consolidated x86 architecture and fat hardware resources) is
radically different than developing on top of a tablet (new and far from
consolidated silicon and hardware configurations in devices fitting in
your pocket and lasting several hours without recharging). Add to this
that the final product is in the price range the tablets are, and that
the software updates are expected to be free as in beer.

What products beat the tablets and specifically the 770 in this sense?
Let's discuss those.

Remember the first laptop you bought. Did you expect it to stay fit for
how long? And your second laptop? It is now that things start getting
decent in the lifetime of portable computers. For the devices fitting in
your pocket it will take a little longer. The fact that users want full
Internet (think the Internet 3 years ago and now in terms of hardware
requirements), full multimedia, amazing UI and what not doesn't really
help making mobile devices stay young for long.

Yes, on the software side you can do a lot, but thing also that in the
real world we live, doing a lot on task A implies doing less on tasks B,
C, D. Bad if you leave your focus on the 770, bad if you don't beat the
new products launched by the competition? We need to find the balance -
and we need to make a sustainable (my managers would say "profitable")
business out of it.

This balance probably goes in the direction of

- Let Nokia and third parties push innovation in new products as fast
and successful as possible. Otherwise the rest will be pointless.

- Nokia makes sure all of its customers (users, developers) get a good
service for the time and money they invest.

- The community is empowered to keep over time hardware and software as
fit as they wish and are able to.

We have discussed some times the latter point, which I believe is the
most crucial to most of the people complaining. We haven't forgot the
previous discussions and we are open to new ideas.

Quim Gil

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