[maemo-users] apps install problem

From: sebastian maemo sebastian.maemo at gmail.com
Date: Fri Jan 11 11:06:28 EET 2008
2008/1/11, Thomas Armagost <silly at well.com>:
> Mind if I ask another dumb question?
> Downloaded base-repository.install (for OS2007) to Mac mini.  Uploaded
> base-repository.install from Mac mini to n800 via USB.  No problem.

If you download a base-repository.install, this will give information to the
Application Manager to configure a new deb repository. That's not what you
need. What you need is to download a deb package, and then install it

Application Manager -> Application -> Install from file... -> Select
> application -> Removable memory card -> base-repository -> Add new
> catalog? -> OK -> Select connection -> Cancel -> Unable to refresh
> list.  Last refreshed list is shown.

If you've got no wi-fi connection, then Application Manager is unable to
refresh package list. You need to do so every time you change your

Changing to offline mode did no good.  The n800 insisted on making a
> wireless connection to the web.
> The thing is, no wireless hotspot is available to me now.  I'm
> planning to install a WAP in my room and connect it to a wired
> router eventually, but not tonight.
> Am I doing something wrong?  There must be some way to install apps
> without WiFi.

Sure, just manually download the deb packages directly from the web
repositories to your PC and then transfer them to your tablet via USB. Then
install them directly with Application Manager.

> Thomas Armagost
> silly at well.com
> http://sillyblog.net

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