[maemo-users] apps install problem

From: Thomas Armagost silly at well.com
Date: Fri Jan 11 10:08:10 EET 2008
Mind if I ask another dumb question?

Downloaded base-repository.install (for OS2007) to Mac mini.  Uploaded
base-repository.install from Mac mini to n800 via USB.  No problem.

Application Manager -> Application -> Install from file... -> Select
application -> Removable memory card -> base-repository -> Add new
catalog? -> OK -> Select connection -> Cancel -> Unable to refresh
list.  Last refreshed list is shown.

Changing to offline mode did no good.  The n800 insisted on making a
wireless connection to the web.

The thing is, no wireless hotspot is available to me now.  I'm
planning to install a WAP in my room and connect it to a wired
router eventually, but not tonight.

Am I doing something wrong?  There must be some way to install apps
without WiFi.

Thomas Armagost
silly at well.com

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