[maemo-users] How to access the flash rootfs?

From: Jesper Cheetah mail at jespercheetah.dk
Date: Tue Jan 15 20:17:02 EET 2008
On Thu, Jan 10, 2008 at 07:51:41PM +0100, Jesper wrote:
> I was tinkering with a few files on my N800 (OS2008), then rebooted
> it. Now it doesn't get any futher than the startup screen with the
> Nokia logo..
> Could it be the result of putting this into /etc/sudoers?:
> user ALL = PASSWD: ALL

I've been thinking.. Right now I think my best bet is to figure out the
pinout of the pads near the battery, and connect to the serial port
there, pressuming that it's waiting for me to enter the password. But
searching the web and wiki only revealed pinout for the N770 (I believe)
which seems to have 11 pins, whereas my N800 has one set with 7 pins and
another set with 4 pins.  Which ones should I use?

I am aware that it probably operates at 3.3V, and I do have a proper
converter. I just need to know where to connect it.

Jesper Cheetah <mail+maemo at jespercheetah.dk>

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