[maemo-users] List of Repository for OS2008

From: Neil MacLeod gmane at nmacleod.com
Date: Sun Jan 13 02:34:08 EET 2008
Levi Bard wrote:
>> I intend to get rid of my repository and get everything I need available
>> from Extras.
> I agree with and applaud this method.
More applause from here! :)

We can only help ourselves by attempting to strictly enforce the use of Extras in preference to third-party repositories.

The maintainers of any application/library that isn't in Extras should be contacted and asked to put it in Extras. The inability to get upload access is a serious problem which needs rectifying ASAP.

Categorisation of applications is another problem area (old chestnut) that should be consistently observed to avoid the Application Manager button mess that is once again steadily increasing. For example, why the hell does Boingo get it's own button/category? It's a communications-related application, so it should be categorised under "Communication". Or "Comm.". Or "Connectivity". Or... "Utilities", or even "utilities" (this is all getting beyond a joke now).

The same argument goes for Canola2 which appears as the lone application in it's own "Canola" category rather than in the more appropriate "Multimedia" category - it's pretty depressing when Nokia can't even stick to their own guidelines.

I myself am only using r.m.o and r.m.o/extras as additional repositories - I don't want to use any applications that insist on their own repositories, nor do I want to publicise such applications as this only exacerbates the problem. If we continue to support third party repositories this problem will never be resolved.

Since it's also clear that package maintainers have no respect for the categorisation guidelines I think it's becoming imperative that packages intended for r.m.o repositories are sanity checked for basic conformity, and this includes Nokia produced packages as Nokia are one of the worst offenders.


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