[maemo-users] List of Repository for OS2008

From: Marius Gedminas marius at pov.lt
Date: Mon Jan 14 16:01:47 EET 2008
On Sun, Jan 13, 2008 at 12:34:08AM +0000, Neil MacLeod wrote:
> Categorisation of applications is another problem area (old chestnut)
> that should be consistently observed to avoid the Application Manager
> button mess that is once again steadily increasing. For example, why
> the hell does Boingo get it's own button/category? It's a
> communications-related application, so it should be categorised under
> "Communication". Or "Comm.". Or "Connectivity". Or... "Utilities", or
> even "utilities" (this is all getting beyond a joke now).

Yup.  It's mostly a matter of disseminating information, I hope -- the
official list of categories is not exactly easy to remember/find.
The link in http://maemo.org/community/wiki/usersections/ is now broken,
and this wiki page itself took me a while to find.

When I built a couple of command-line tools, I simply prepended "user/"
in the Section: net line in debian/control, because I couldn't remember
the names of the official categories.

> The same argument goes for Canola2 which appears as the lone
> application in it's own "Canola" category rather than in the more
> appropriate "Multimedia" category - it's pretty depressing when Nokia
> can't even stick to their own guidelines.

On the other hand, I'd be happy to see Gaim moved into a category of its
own, because I dislike how its 37 plugins & locales clutter up my
application list.  Maybe it's the same with Canola?

> Since it's also clear that package maintainers have no respect for the
> categorisation guidelines I think it's becoming imperative that
> packages intended for r.m.o repositories are sanity checked for basic
> conformity, and this includes Nokia produced packages as Nokia are one
> of the worst offenders.


Debian has a tool called lintian that checks whether Debian packages
conform to the Debian Policy.  Something like this could be a useful
addition to the Maemo SDK.

Marius Gedminas
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