[maemo-users] network priority and autoreconnect (OS2008)

From: Joshua Layne joshua at willowisp.net
Date: Fri Jan 18 18:56:56 EET 2008
Kalle Valo wrote:
> "ext Joshua Layne" <joshua at willowisp.net> writes:
>> The biggest problem for me is that if I am connected to my phone (say, on
>> my commute...) it keeps the phone connection even if the Home wireless
>> network is available.  Same is true of the work network, although the work
>> network never autoconnects.  The real problem here is it drains my phone
>> battery unnecessarily when a WLAN is available.
>> I have no problem editing configuration files by hand, but is this even
>> possible?  It is really a source of irritation for me.
> Our current software implementation does not support this, not even
> with some tweaking. Sorry.
Hi Kalle,
Thanks for the reply.  Do you know if it is possible to use 
wpa_supplicant (I realize I might have to port it myself), just 
wondering about driver compatibility.  Otherwise, maybe something like 
gnome network manager to wrap it to get support for the BT DUN.

I saw the blog post and the feature request on maemo - any idea of 
whether this is in scope for a future release?


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