[maemo-users] osip2

From: Chris Dobbs chris_dobbs at dobbscr.karoo.co.uk
Date: Sat Jan 19 00:21:59 EET 2008
I am trying to install osip2 on my scratchbox environment but it wants libc >=2.6.1 and I seems to have libc ==V2.5.0-osso7
Using libosip2-2_3.0.3-2-1_armel.deb

Will upgrading libc6 cause my environment to break - seem to remember that this can cause issues on Intel linux.
I note that.

If anyone can assist in suggesting the most painless route I would be very gratefull.
I found an armel port of libc6 on the Debian pkg site and it's for version 2.7
-Chris Dobbs
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