[maemo-users] N810 integrated left speakers sound quality

From: Michael Wiktowy michael.wiktowy at gmail.com
Date: Fri Jan 25 16:32:26 EET 2008
On 1/25/08, Jean-Christian de Rivaz <jc at eclis.ch> wrote:
> So I wonder if my N810 have a fault in his speaker left channel, if this
> is a design problem, or if this can be a software problem (error in a
> DSP code ?). Can someone try to test his N810 using the above URLs and
> share his experience ? Only the integrated speaker is to test, the line
> out jack sound very good.

Sounds to me like an external left speaker hardware problem with your
unit. Possibly a loose connection. While I have found the bass
response on the N810 to be not that great, it is acceptable for the
size of the speakers and even between the two.


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