[maemo-users] N810 integrated left speakers sound quality

From: David Hautbois david.hautbois at free.fr
Date: Fri Jan 25 16:36:37 EET 2008
No problem with your mp3 files on my N810.

So, your tablet seems to have a fault....


Jean-Christian de Rivaz wrote:
> Compared to the N800, my new N810 have a pore sound quality using the 
> integrated left speakers. I first have think that the N810 only have a 
> right speaker playing the right channel only. But after several tests I 
> cam to the conclusion that the N810 have also a left integrated speaker 
> playing the left channel, but with a very poor sound, especially at low 
> frequency.
> I used this page to get some sound test files:
> http://users.swing.be/hdepra/home/P22/E-sounds.html
> On my N810 the right sweep test 
> http://users.skynet.be/fa046054/home/P22/track26.mp3 sound fine. The 
> sound is loud and clear even in the first second of the track when low 
> frequency are played. But the left sweep test 
> http://users.skynet.be/fa046054/home/P22/track24.mp3 sound disappointing 
> in the first 20 seconds. Almost nothing are audible in the first second 
> of the track when low frequency are played. After about 20 seconds, the 
> sound is more comfortable but I still get the feeling that it is not as 
> loud as in the right test.
> Finally when playing the drum solo stereo test 
> http://users.skynet.be/fa046054/home/P22/track39.mp3 I almost not here 
> the left channel, only crappy noise when the drum sound should can from 
> the left channel.
> So I wonder if my N810 have a fault in his speaker left channel, if this 
> is a design problem, or if this can be a software problem (error in a 
> DSP code ?). Can someone try to test his N810 using the above URLs and 
> share his experience ? Only the integrated speaker is to test, the line 
> out jack sound very good.
> Apart this sound issue (that can be only on mine), the N810 is a superb 
> product.
> Thanks in advance,

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