[maemo-users] RoadMap on Maemo

From: Joshua Layne joshua at willowisp.net
Date: Tue Jul 1 06:11:54 EEST 2008
Mark wrote:
> On Mon, Jun 30, 2008 at 3:39 PM, Joshua Layne <joshua at willowisp.net> wrote:
>>>> That's my problem with it. The app itself seems to work fine, but I
>>>> can't find a way to load any maps to it other than the extremely dated
>>>> version that it finds.
>> try using getmaps - that's what roadmap for maemo uses to get the OSM maps
>> - you should be able to use the coordinates from the control panel cache
>> and bound it within a bounding box.
> That's not very user-friendly: if you want maps for someplace you've
> never been, you have to look up the coordinates first, then hope you
> get all the areas you need. That actually goes for your home area as
> well, and you'll have to make multiple downloads to get the the
> relevant areas without too much of what you don't need.
I agree, but there is also a 'download current view' option - just 
doesn't work so well if you don't have a good 'current view' - which is 
what I was responding to Marius about (he was in a building with no GPS 
fix).  I would love to see it get to the point where you can set an 
autodownload flag (similar to maemo mapper) and just have it 
automagically get maps (I usually have a tethered connection on the 
road), but it is progressing... 
> Wishful thinking: it would be great if there was some way to download
> maps by city, region (state, province, etc) or country rather than
> hard bounding boxes. Very few cities are perfect circles or squares.
> :-) I imagine that's up to OSM, though, and they would probably have
> to revamp the I/O mechanism & specs to deal with it.
You can download county-by-county for the US, but the maps are not based 
on OSM, rather on the census data.
> Although I would personally like to be able to download the "world"
> package and have everything accessible at once. I don't know if
> there's any way to load that into Roadmap...
roadmap doesn't load much more than what it needs into memory - if you 
zoomed out to view the world (not sure that has ever been successful in 
roadmap :P) then it could load all of it - it would just be discarding 
99% of the information at that point (declutter)

again though, I am primarily a user, sometimes a tester and rarely a 
submitter of really ugly patches to the project, so my voice is not 
definitive.  There are probably features I still don't know about.

If you get past the map issues, there are a lot of cool things you can 
do with the UI, I'd be happy to share the config that I use for roadmap 
on the N810 (far from the defaults)


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