[maemo-users] how to put apps in 'My Selection' tab

From: Ryan Abel rabelg5 at gmail.com
Date: Thu Jul 3 19:00:44 EEST 2008
On Jul 3, 2008, at 11:24 AM, Cedric Cellier wrote:

>> It's how Nokia will push system and 1st-party software upgrades in  
>> the
>> future, so uninstalling osso-software-version means you wont get  
>> those
>> upgrades.[1]
> Thank you for this info and link. Any details somewhere about how this
> is done ? Im not familiar with flashed file systems - I suppose
> upgrading the kernel for instance is not as simple as copying some
> files, but apart from that I have no clue. Do you know how such a  
> kernel
> upgrade should happen in the future, step by step ?

The osso-software-version-rx*4 is updated (it'll show up as some sort  
of "System" or "Feature" upgrade in Application manager), and the new  
version depends on the updated libraries, and applications, so  
installing it will upgrade your system.

Flashing the kernel and initfs is handled by flash-and-reboot, initfs- 
flasher and kernel-diablo-flasher, which are probably run as part of  
the postinst or somesuch (I haven't investigated directly), and work  
basically the same way as fanoush's initfs flasher.

But, basically, osso-software-version-rx*4 is updated, the updated  
kernel is included as a dependency and the kernel gets flashed during  
the system upgrade.

>> Either way, the better solution is to either install and uninstall
>> Gizmo/Skype/Rhapsody, and that will take care of it, or to remove the
>> .desktop files for Gizmo/Skype/Rhapsody from /usr/share/
>> applications/hildon.
> I guess removing the .desktop files would just have removed the icons.
> I dont know for the OP, but I wanted to remove completely all these  
> files
> from the n810 precious memory.
> What a pity we had to pay for these apps ;)

As Eero says, they're quite small, so you aren't really losing much  
space, and deleting their .desktop files ensures you'll never have to  
see them again. I do agree, though, with the principle of it which is  
why voting on the appropriate bugs is a good plan. ;)

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