[maemo-users] how to put apps in 'My Selection' tab

From: Faheem Pervez trippin1 at gmail.com
Date: Thu Jul 3 21:43:07 EEST 2008
No, only flash-and-reboot is used. the initfs-flasher and
kernel-diablo-flasher are only packages contain images for flashing.

Postinst isn't used, instead you can set a flash-and-reboot flag in control.

On 7/3/08, Ryan Abel <rabelg5 at gmail.com> wrote:

> Flashing the kernel and initfs is handled by flash-and-reboot, initfs-
> flasher and kernel-diablo-flasher, which are probably run as part of
> the postinst or somesuch (I haven't investigated directly),
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