[maemo-users] Send-Only Accounts in Modest

From: Dirk-Jan.Binnema at nokia.com Dirk-Jan.Binnema at nokia.com
Date: Mon Jul 7 16:20:59 EEST 2008

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> On Sun, Jul 6, 2008 at 12:48 PM, Mike Lococo 
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> > I should have been more clear in the message that started 
> this thread. I
> > did try using bogus mailserver information, and confirm that it does
> > "work" inasmuch as you can send and receive messages.  
> However, Modest
> > throws two popups on startup/new-mail-check per bogus 
> account, which are
> > very annoying and not possible for an end-user to disable.
> You were clear. I was just trying to point out that those popups can
> be avoided if you just choose the compose email option from the menu.
> That doesn't help folks who want to read mail also but makes them not
> annoying to those of us who just occasionally send mail from the
> tablet.

There's currently no built-in way to handle this in modest; the reason
for the minimalism is that features tend to confuse many users (e-mail
setup is hard!). But obviously, that's not always the right choice for
users who know what they are doing...

What you *could* do (admittedly, a hack) is to get yourself a
pop-account somewhere that does not receive any messages, and use that
for the 'send-only' account.

Best wishes,

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