[maemo-users] Send-Only Accounts in Modest

From: Mike Lococo mikelococo at gmail.com
Date: Mon Jul 7 19:14:29 EEST 2008

> There's currently no built-in way to handle this in modest; the reason
> for the minimalism is that features tend to confuse many users (e-mail
> setup is hard!). But obviously, that's not always the right choice for
> users who know what they are doing...

This may be a general comment, but since you're a Modest dev and it has 
the feel of "wontfix" about it, I'll make the case for the bug/rfe:

1) Clearly, it's possible to have too many options in an application. 
However, major/respected desktop mail clients (including Thunderbird, 
Eudora, and Outlook) have made the decision to support this feature in 
one way or another (either through explicit sender identity support or 
by issuing error messages during mail checking in a non-intrusive way). 
  Furthermore, there's nothing unique about the mobile use-case that 
makes this an undesirable feature.

2) Modest already has methods to shield non-power-users from account 
setup complexity, namely the wizard process and the built-in presets for 
major mail providers.  A feature like this could default to the common 
state (no additional sender identities, as is currently the case), and 
not appear in any of those luser-friendly setup-interfaces while still 
being available in the edit-account settings to provide the 
functionality for power users.

3) It would be possible to greatly improve the state of things without 
any additional options at all by issuing missing mailserver errors 
during the new message check as an info-alert (is that the right term 
for the little popup messages in the upper right-corner of the screen 
that don't require user interaction to clear?), rather than as two 
separate popup boxes requiring user interaction to clear (one error 
message + the account preferences box in order to "fix" the faulty 
account).  It's worth noting that Modest already throws an error during 
account creation if the mailserver is bogus, so it's not necessary to 
issue such a loud error message during mail-check.

Mike Lococo

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