[maemo-users] Power consumption and WLAN APs

From: Andrew Daviel advax at triumf.ca
Date: Wed Jul 23 11:40:08 EEST 2008

I opened a ticket with Proxim. They suggest turning off SSID broadcast 
and see if that reduces the battery use. Sounds like b/s to me, but I may 
be wrong. If I try that at home, I have to mark the connection as 
"hidden" otherwise I can't select it to connect to, and I suspect it 
would annoy people at work. I still get beacons every 100ms.

I can't set the wireless chip in my IBM laptop to monitor mode 
(atheros/madwifi driver) but I can on an old Orinoco Gold card. That only 
does 802.11b. airodump-ng captures some beacons and broadcast packets, 
but not as many as airodump-ng on the N810, and just wireless headers, 
not data packets. So I'm definitely missing lots of packets, though I 
did see one frame from the N810 with the PSM bit set, talking to my old 
SMC AP on 802.11b.

The Linksys lets me change the beacon interval and DTIM multiplier. The 
Proxim lets me change DTIM, but not beacon interval. The SMC does 

Andrew Daviel, TRIUMF, Canada

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