[maemo-users] Power consumption and WLAN APs

From: Kalle Valo kalle.valo at nokia.com
Date: Thu Jul 24 14:34:47 EEST 2008
"ext Andrew Daviel" <advax at triumf.ca> writes:

> I opened a ticket with Proxim.

Very good, thanks.

> They suggest turning off SSID broadcast and see if that reduces the
> battery use. Sounds like b/s to me, but I may be wrong. 

Yes, that has nothing to do with your problem.

> If I try that at home, I have to mark the connection as "hidden"
> otherwise I can't select it to connect to, and I suspect it would
> annoy people at work. I still get beacons every 100ms.

Yeah, hiding SSID just makes it more difficult (=slower) to find the
network while scanning, because you have to explicitly scan for all
saved networks. My strong recommendation is to avoid that feature
altogether, and it doesn't really improve security.

> I can't set the wireless chip in my IBM laptop to monitor mode 
> (atheros/madwifi driver)

Madwifi does it a bit differently, here's some documentation:


Kalle Valo

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