[maemo-users] Cell Phone As Modem

From: Dr. Nicholas Shaw Doc at DocHarley.com
Date: Tue Jun 3 02:42:33 EEST 2008

I installed the PAN software on the N800 and was able to connect to the
internet.  Life is sort of good.

Now I have to get another Black Jack II phone because the camera doesn't
work.  I actually have to laugh at all this... :-)

A question - on OS2007, there was a means to configure the main screen, e.g.
move things around.  When I installed OM Weather, it displays in the same
place as Google.  I'd like it to display at the bottom of the screen.  I've
gone through the Control Panel and the main screen settings and I can't find
a means to do this.  And I've gone through OM Weather settings looking for a
'placement' option.  Can anyone tell me how to get things to be where I want
them to be on the main screen?


Now to continue working on the storage card issue...


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Thanks, Mark.  I too have upgraded to a new release each time.  I bought my
N800 the day it came out (1/8/2007) and each time I've upgraded the OS I
haven't had any problems with the cards.  Until this time (2GB each).  It
won't recognize either and I just did a backup yesterday and today and the
cards are viewable by Windows.

So I've removed, reinserted, removed, reinserted, attempted to reformat and
nothing has worked.  You ever have one of those days when you want to take
all your gizmos outside and blast them with a shotgun? :-)


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On Mon, Jun 2, 2008 at 3:11 PM, Dr. Nicholas Shaw <Doc at docharley.com> wrote:
> Ok, new challenge.  I was able to copy the data from the two cards to my
> computer (had no problem at all) so don't know why the N800 now can't see
> either of them.  I tried reformatting them and nada, zip, doesn't work.
> Has anyone else had problems with reading their cards once they upgraded
> 2008? If so, what did you do to resolve the issue?
> The 'fun' we go through for our devices... :-)
> Thanks,
> Nick.

I've had situations where when I connected my N800 to my desktop via
USB and one or the other card wouldn't show up on the PC. That happens
when some program on the Nokia is accessing one of the cards at the
moment you plug in the USB cable. When I put the Nokia through a fresh
boot it worked okay.

It works the other way as well - if you connect to your PC and the
cards are visible to the PC, they won't be visible to the Nokia. You
have to disconnect from the PC to make the cards visible to the Nokia
again. Have you rebooted the Nokia after disconnecting from the PC?

I've also had the Nokia not recognize its own card because whatever
switch or sensor tells it that the door is open wasn't registering the
proper state. After fiddling with it a bit (removing & reinserting,
jiggling the door/switch etc. it worked.

I didn't have any problems with my cards (I've got two 8GB cards) when
reflashing. I've upgraded two or three times alread - I've upgraded
every time a new OS release came out and am currently on the latest


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