[maemo-users] External Keyboard Recommendations

From: Gary gary at eyetraxx.net
Date: Tue Jun 24 00:20:21 EEST 2008
Nobody's made a compelling argument for USB so let me take a guess why
they're suggesting it;

1. ubiquity. there 10 hojillion keyboards of every shape, size and
flavor out there, including compact units all the way up to high tech
fancy devices like the Virtual Laser Keyboard or custom keyboards that
cost over US$4000 (happy hacking).

2. cost. there are also several cheap USB keyboards available.

3. compact. i'd wager there are more compact USB keyboards than there
are compact BT keyboards but that's just a wild-ass guess.

Here are a few arguments in favor of Bluetooth keyboards.

1. wireless. in fact, the spec is designed not to interfere with 802.11;

Only downsize I can see of a BT board; vendor support. if the maker goes
away, so does your warranty, etc. Same could be said for the virtual
laser WiFi toilet seat cover you just bought on eBay or the $10k Dvorak
headmount retina burning plutonium powered apparatus that you bought
from a Silicon Valley black market smuggler.

Here are some unanswered questions re USB vs BT keyboards; power
consumption? How many USB keyboards can be powered by AAA cells? Are you
typing faster than BT can transfer your keystrokes? Does Bill Gates have
night terrors about Tux the penguin?

That said, I'd recommend both the Apple BT keyboard (big, not foldable,
but built like a brick shithouse) or the Nokia SU-8W (small, could be
fragile or sturdy but I've been careful with mine, folds up to roughly
same size as N770 or N800 but a bit thicker -- fits perfectly in a
camera bag I use to hold both).


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