[maemo-users] External Keyboard Recommendations

From: Hal Vaughan hal at thresholddigital.com
Date: Tue Jun 24 00:35:21 EEST 2008
On Monday 23 June 2008, Gary wrote:
> Nobody's made a compelling argument for USB so let me take a guess
> why they're suggesting it;
> 1. ubiquity. there 10 hojillion keyboards of every shape, size and
> flavor out there, including compact units all the way up to high tech
> fancy devices like the Virtual Laser Keyboard or custom keyboards
> that cost over US$4000 (happy hacking).
> 2. cost. there are also several cheap USB keyboards available.
> 3. compact. i'd wager there are more compact USB keyboards than there
> are compact BT keyboards but that's just a wild-ass guess.

From what I've seen, including links provided, the USB keyboards don't 
seem to be fold-up and from what I can tell in terms of mass-market 
(which we all know dictates what is made and sold), the suit-and-tie 
crowd tends to go for the latest and that's BT from most viewpoints.  
It doesn't need a wire or dongle.

However, someone did point out that BT drains the battery.  I'm not sure 
on that.  I don't have enough experience to be sure.

> Here are some unanswered questions re USB vs BT keyboards; power
> consumption? How many USB keyboards can be powered by AAA cells? Are
> you typing faster than BT can transfer your keystrokes? Does Bill
> Gates have night terrors about Tux the penguin?

I can type pretty fast and have not seen a BT keyboard get behind me, 
but I've got limited experience.

So far if I can find the iGo Stowaway (and it looks like they're at 
B&H), that is my preferred choice.  I can fold it up small, which means 
I can carry it and my N770 in a small case that might even fit in a 
large pocket.  A lot of people missed that not only do I want full 
sized but small when folded.  Yes, I want it all!

And, to all, yes, I do appreciate all the comments and suggestions.  I'm 
still musing on this.


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