[maemo-users] External Keyboard Recommendations

From: Mark wolfmane at gmail.com
Date: Tue Jun 24 00:53:14 EEST 2008
On Mon, Jun 23, 2008 at 3:35 PM, Hal Vaughan <hal at thresholddigital.com> wrote:
> From what I've seen, including links provided, the USB keyboards don't
> seem to be fold-up and from what I can tell in terms of mass-market
> (which we all know dictates what is made and sold), the suit-and-tie
> crowd tends to go for the latest and that's BT from most viewpoints.
> It doesn't need a wire or dongle.

Correct. There are some "roll-up" keyboards, but those aren't ideal
for the reasons discussed, and I've never seen a hard plastic USB
keyboard that folds up.

> However, someone did point out that BT drains the battery.  I'm not sure
> on that.  I don't have enough experience to be sure.

Theoretically, bluetooth drains the battery, but even a USB keyboard
has to use *some* juice, and I've used my bluetooth GPS receiver with
my N800 all day without draining the battery. I really don't think
that battery life is an issue.

> ...
> I can type pretty fast and have not seen a BT keyboard get behind me,
> but I've got limited experience.
> So far if I can find the iGo Stowaway (and it looks like they're at
> B&H), that is my preferred choice.  I can fold it up small, which means
> I can carry it and my N770 in a small case that might even fit in a
> large pocket.  A lot of people missed that not only do I want full
> sized but small when folded.  Yes, I want it all!
> And, to all, yes, I do appreciate all the comments and suggestions.  I'm
> still musing on this.
> Hal

I've done a lot of research (articles, reviews) and online shopping,
and if I could afford it the one I would get would be the "Freedom
Universal Bluetooth Keyboard". It has the distinction of having
greater compatibility with more different devices, is sturdier and has
separate function keys, but also is slightly larger. The cheapest I've
found it is here:

...or does somebody have a different opinion about that particular model?


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