[maemo-users] Issues with Diable?

From: Joshua Layne joshua at willowisp.net
Date: Wed Jun 25 19:13:58 EEST 2008
Dr. Nicholas Shaw wrote:
> Background - I have a N800 purchased on 1/8/07.
> Ok, I still have the memory card issue but will try using a different memory
> card (I tried the 2GB and 128MB).  The 2GB never works (neither of them) and
> I did reformat one of the 2GB cards on another system - no go.  The 128MB
> card did work until I performed a restore and rebooted.  Since then it
> hasn't worked.  I'm thinking it may be related to restoring of data (for the
> 128MB) but I certainly don't want to start all over again adding in my GPE
> calendar and contact data or my password safe data.  I've tried powering
> down and removing the battery without success.  I'm guessing another card
> won't make a difference but at least I'll have checked.  I may have to
> re-flash the OS and not restore anything.  That will take a long time
> writing down passwords, etc. before beginning.
> I also noticed that once I install Omweather, if I go into Omweather
> settings that the screen goes white, then returns and the notice that the
> notice "connecting to network" appears AND neither Omweather OR the Google
> search bar show on the home screen - I have to reselect them from "select
> applets" pull down menu.  I've tried this about a dozen times with the same
> results.
I can verify this - I haven't gotten to opening a bug yet, but there is 
definitely an issue with OMweather on diablo.

I can't help on the other two items, but after leaving it running 
overnight - there is a definite memory leak somewhere.  Likely in a 3rd 
party app, but I haven't entirely tracked it down yet.


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