[maemo-users] Fresh start [Re: syncevolution]

From: Phillip N. pneumann at gmail.com
Date: Wed Jun 25 23:20:14 EEST 2008
Thanks for your reply Patrick.

Ive installed version 0.8 (alpha1), wich seems to work well.
I just have some questions:

1.- I see the events in date (the pimlico program), and not in
gpe-calendar. Is is suposted to be this way? If not how do i make it
write to the gpe-calendar database?

2.- I just messup almost all our meeting in the office calendar
(woops!), wich im restoring, by hand. After this, i remove ~/.evolution
so the date database gets wiped out, so i can start fresh again. Now,
when i add a new event in the calendar server, when syncronizing, i get
it on the device. But for old events, i dont see them on the device. i
guess syncevolution is comparing all exising events (wich i downloaded
the first time), and the devide its already on the device (wich is
really not). 
 Is there a way to tell syncevolution to download all event and put them
on the database, so have a fresh start? Ive try to specify sync=slow and
change the deviceId.

Any tips welcome, thanks for your work.

Phillip N. <pneumann at gmail.com>

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