[maemo-users] Fresh start [Re: syncevolution]

From: Patrick Ohly Patrick.Ohly at gmx.de
Date: Thu Jun 26 00:02:12 EEST 2008
On Wed, 2008-06-25 at 16:20 -0400, Phillip N. wrote:
> Ive installed version 0.8 (alpha1), wich seems to work well.
> I just have some questions:
> 1.- I see the events in date (the pimlico program), and not in
> gpe-calendar. Is is suposted to be this way?

Yes. It synchronizes the calendar managed by the Evolution Data Server,
which is used by Dates, but not GPE.

>  If not how do i make it
> write to the gpe-calendar database?

Someone would have to write a SyncEvolution backend for GPE. It's not
particularly difficult, but I don't have the time to do it myself.

> 2.- I just messup almost all our meeting in the office calendar
> (woops!), wich im restoring, by hand.

You didn't say whether that was a software or user error. If you think
it was SyncEvolution's fault, then please let me know.

On this occasion let me point out that SyncEvolution does a complete
database dump in vCard resp. iCalendar format before each sync. When
using the "logdir" option one can keep the last n of these dumps around.
If some major goof-up happens, one can restore from that dump - at least
with Evolution on the desktop. I haven't tried importing with Dates or
Contacts. Perhaps I should add an option to do it via syncevolution

>  Is there a way to tell syncevolution to download all event and put them
> on the database, so have a fresh start? Ive try to specify sync=slow and
> change the deviceId.

--sync refresh-from-server resp. refresh-from-client seems to be what
you want:

$ syncevolution --sync ?
   requests a certain synchronization mode:
     two-way             = only send/receive changes since last sync
     slow                = exchange all items
     refresh-from-client = discard all remote items and replace with
                           the items on the client
     refresh-from-server = discard all local items and replace with
                           the items on the server
     one-way-from-client = transmit changes from client
     one-way-from-server = transmit changes from server
     none (or disabled)  = synchronization disabled

Bye, Patrick Ohly
Patrick.Ohly at gmx.de

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