[maemo-users] Switch to Virtual keyboard in x-terminal does not display previous input

From: yjj Jianjun.Yu at plenware.com
Date: Wed Sep 10 06:13:33 EEST 2008
hi all:
I report this problem at maemo bugzilla. 
The steps to reproduce the problem:
1.open X Terminal, type some characters 
2. close your physical keyboard, and then open the virtual keyboard.

This works correctly for Notes,MicroB(the browser),Modest(Email) and any
other applications which include entery widgets.

I research this problem for a while. I think it's not the problem about
X-Terminal itself. The input method of X-Terminal is different from
other applications(Notes, Micro) which include entry widgets.

So I assume that it is the problem about vte.

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