[maemo-users] OS Stability

From: sean tech.junk at myfairpoint.net
Date: Wed Dec 2 23:20:49 EET 2009
Thomas Waelti wrote:
> I reflashed the PalmOS and updated to slightly never version a few
> times (mostly .1 version increases, like 3.5.1 or so IIRC). PalmOS
> however was a VERY simple and limited OS. I had 3 different Palms
> overr the years. Normally, the upgrades just fixed some stability
> issues, no new features.

The PalmOS never really felt to me as being unfinished when I purchased
a Palm, and I have had a few as well.
It was not perfect, but did not seem lacking in being able to put it
right to real use.

Maemo does not have that feeling.
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