[maemo-users] Survey: what characters matter in a mobile keyboard?

From: Peter Flynn peter.flynn at mars.ucc.ie
Date: Fri Dec 4 01:54:42 EET 2009
dneary at maemo.org wrote:
> The question is about keyboards in mobile devices. What characters to
> put, what characters to sacrifice? You know it's a hot topic and
> maybe yourself have thought sometimes: why do they put X which I
> don't used, while Y is missing?

In effect, this is also equivalent to "for what tasks would I need to
dig out the BT keyboard?"

I am assuming that by "POUND sign" you mean the hash key (#) or
octothorpe, not the pound-sterling sign (£), which I imagine is largely
unused outside the UK, its former dependencies, a few countries using it 
for a libra-descendent, and a historical context nowadays.

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