[maemo-users] Contact imports

From: David Greaves david at dgreaves.com
Date: Wed Dec 9 10:50:12 EET 2009
On Tue, 2009-12-08 at 07:50 -0800, lfl at soeiro.com.br wrote:
> Hello y'all. Thanks for the hints so far
> >I guess you have M$ Outlook delivered with your Windows Mobile Phone. Just
> >sync WM with Outlook on PC, and then use Nokia PC Suite to transfer it to
> >N900. It worked and I have all the contacts, calendar, tasks and notes
> >easily transferred.
> This will be difficult for me because I don't have any Windows computer to
> play with (I use Debian and Kubuntu on all my personal and work
> computers).
> I've even tried to install Outlook and ActiveSync under wine, but had no
> luck.
> What about Fumabol? Have anyone tried that?
> http://www.funambol.com/opensource/

You're not alone :)

Although we linux users are seen as a key community and development
resource, we're sadly rather unsupported when it comes to contacts.

> Another question: what kind of issues do you expect when mass exporting
> /importing contacts? Lost things? Duplicates?

And although you can bulk export contacts to vcard, import via vcard is
one at a time.

David "must have no friends 'cos he's a linux user" Greaves

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