[maemo-users] Contact imports

From: Luis Listas lfl at soeiro.com.br
Date: Thu Dec 10 01:33:14 EET 2009
David Greaves wrote:
>> What about Fumabol? Have anyone tried that?
>> http://www.funambol.com/opensource/
> You're not alone :)
> Although we linux users are seen as a key community and development
> resource, we're sadly rather unsupported when it comes to contacts.
Yep. I'm open to anything (even if I have to setup my own OpenLdap...)

> David "must have no friends 'cos he's a linux user" Greaves
Here I know exactly how you feel...The issue is that beyond a certain 
point it is very hard to go back to a proprietary environment. You get 
more and more addicted to customization, helping others out and even 
suggesting some changes. Anyway, it is a very good feeling to know that 
most apps that you might ever want are just an aptitude (or mouse click) 

I'm very excited by the N900 device just because of this: it is the 
first time there is fully operational, unlocked and free (as in install 
and change whatever you want) Linux phone. And it seems it is not a bit 
inferior to other smartphones, either. I still haven't put my hands on 
it, though. It is on the way.

I'm just getting ahead of myself. I've played a little with the SDK. 
I've read some info. I'm also trying to prepare for a holly grail: be 
able to sync it with Linux!

> > >play with (I use Debian and Kubuntu on all my personal and work
> > >computers).
> So you own a Windows phone but not a Windows desktop OS  ;) 

It is indeed funny when you look at that this way...When I've bought the WM5 phone I thought it was just a phone with some interesting features (touchscreen, possibility of installing a few things, etc) and that Windows wouldn't get in the way. I was somewhat mistaken. :-(

Anyway, thanks for everybody's hints.


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