[maemo-users] Running older applications under maemo5

From: Luis Listas lfl at soeiro.com.br
Date: Sat Dec 12 15:29:16 EET 2009

I have a few specific questions. Is there any link that explains those?

1) Is it possible to install and run packages built for from older 
versions of tablets under Maemo5? For example, I see a lot of things for 
OS2008 that I would like to try (i.e KOffice, Easy Debian, etc).

2) What should a user expect when trying to install an older version? 
(example: has to correct symlinks, minor errors, major errors and 
problems, etc)

3) What is the recommended way to have access to those packages? 
(configuring apt? Using some scripts? Only rebuilding from source?)


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