[maemo-users] Running older applications under maemo5

From: Craig Woodward woody at rochester.rr.com
Date: Sun Dec 13 00:17:25 EET 2009
---- Luis Listas <lfl at soeiro.com.br> wrote: 
>1) Is it possible to install (older) packages [...] under Maemo5?

Yes and no.  I've pulled one or two from older repositories and used dpkg to look at the dependencies and such.  Some you may be able to, some will rely on packages that are either not supported for the N900 yet, or the N900 has majorly new versions.  (Eg the OS2007 packages want a lib version 1.4 and N900 has version 3.1)  So, it may or may not work depending on what it relies on.  I certainly wouldn't try installing anything by linking a repository and just installing.  By hand, after careful examination, maybe...

>2) What should a user expect when trying to install an older version?

First off, the install will probably fail near the end even if it has all its dependencies.  This is because most pre-N900 packages ask which sub-menu to put things in.  N900 doesn't have the tool to ask that because it has no sub-menus.  Also, most times you won't get your desktop icon in the right folder.  You'll have to move that by hand.  Finally, most packages have either assumed the screen size (eg it's fixed), and/or don't understand how to go full screen.  So will probably have black areas around the GUI, making it ugly, but usually still usable.

>3) What is the recommended way to have access to those packages? 

I would do it by hand only.  Pull the deb with wget and use dpkg to verify and install if you find it compatible.  If you have source, by all means, recompile!  It won't fix the GUI issues, but at least it will link with and pull the right libraries for the N900. 

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