[maemo-users] X Server Keyboard not working

From: Tim Ashman tim at ashmans.net
Date: Sun Dec 13 18:37:12 EET 2009
I just noticed today that when I ssh into my home linux box from my n900 and 
launch an app that the hardware keyboard does not register for the app.  The 
mouse still does, so the menus work, etc but once I click into a field I get 
the I-Beam indicator that usually means I can type, but when I type nothing.  
Once I close the app I then can see that my keystrokes are on the command 
line of my remoted box.

What am I doing wrong I'm using the same command I always used on my 800 and 

ssh user at computer  -X

then for example to launch kmail I type   kmail &

Is there some keyboard mapping that needs to be done on the n900??

please help this is one of the main uses I use my nokia tablet for (yes tablet 
not phone)  and if I can't do this anymore I feel like I may need to jump 
back to the n810 and begin looking for a new device that can do this still.

thank you


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