[maemo-users] X Server Keyboard not working

From: Mustali Dalal archebyte at gmail.com
Date: Sun Dec 13 19:39:35 EET 2009
I hadn't X forwarded from the N900 since getting it but after reading your
email, I tried it and I can say that keyboard input works fine (
http://bit.ly/7GBbME) - at least for OpenOffice.org. Hopefully someone here
may be able to help you determine what the problem may be.


On Sun, Dec 13, 2009 at 5:37 PM, Tim Ashman <tim at ashmans.net> wrote:

> I just noticed today that when I ssh into my home linux box from my n900
> and
> launch an app that the hardware keyboard does not register for the app.
>  The
> mouse still does, so the menus work, etc but once I click into a field I
> get
> the I-Beam indicator that usually means I can type, but when I type
> nothing.
> Once I close the app I then can see that my keystrokes are on the command
> line of my remoted box.
> What am I doing wrong I'm using the same command I always used on my 800
> and
> 810.
> ssh user at computer  -X
> then for example to launch kmail I type   kmail &
> Is there some keyboard mapping that needs to be done on the n900??
> please help this is one of the main uses I use my nokia tablet for (yes
> tablet
> not phone)  and if I can't do this anymore I feel like I may need to jump
> back to the n810 and begin looking for a new device that can do this still.
> thank you
> tim
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