[maemo-users] email use cases on N900

From: Sergio Villar Senin svillar at igalia.com
Date: Tue Dec 15 13:21:35 EET 2009
Jeffrey Mark Siskind escribiu:
>    > Also, I have all email forked to both my desktop and N900 (with procmail).
>    > I usually read on my desktop and only read on my N900 when away from my
>    > desktop. But if I don't clean out the inbox, email can accumulate. After a few
>    > days I can get several hundre emails. As I have read them all on my desktop, I
>    > want to quickly discard them on my N900. On Chinook, I could easily select all
>    > email and click delete. I see no such easy way on Maemo5. Is there an easy way
>    > that I am missing? The lack of such a capability would destroy my use case.
>    >
>    If you tap the title bar in the application, you will trigger the main 
>    menu. There is a Delete option there. If you choose it, you can click on 
>    all of the emails you want to delete (multi-select) from the current 
>    folder and then tap the Delete button at the top of the screen.
> On chinook there was a menu item "Mark All". (I could mark all and then unmark
> the few messages that I wanted to keep, if any). Here it seems that I have to
> click on each message to select it. That can be tedious if there are hundreds.

Jeff I already replied to this in my email. I'll repeat in case you
haven't read it. You have the "Ctr-a" shortcut to select all the
messages. It is a system wide shortcut, so programs with list of things
will implement it.

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