[maemo-users] problem about addint hildon input method?

From: JONGSOO LEE leejongsoo.mailing at gmail.com
Date: Wed Dec 23 18:22:20 EET 2009
I tried to add new input method using below package.
but it doesn't work. maybe i don't know what is problem.

i download the source and build at scratchbox. (FREMANTLE ARMEL)
copy xxx.so  to /usr/lib/hildon-input-method and execute hildon-im-recache
after rebooting, i tried to set at text input setting. but it doesn't work.

normaly, user can select 1st/2nd language. and it displayed like
English(US), English(UK), ...
however, '()' is added language list. (empty string). when i select '()', no
virtual keyboard displayed


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