[maemo-users] accessing N900 internal gps for console apps

From: Jason maemo at lakedaemon.net
Date: Wed Dec 23 19:44:51 EET 2009

I've been digging around in circles for a few days trying to get this to
work.  I've found the howto for the sysfs interface to 3D accelerometer,
so one down.  Now, I'm working on the GPS.

With all of my previous work, I cross-compiled gpsd and had it listen to
/dev/ttyS{0,1}.  Cross-compiling the debian way, while promising,
doesn't look like something I'll be picking up in a few hours.  So what
are folks using to access the internal gps?

I've tried catting /dev/ttyS[0-3], without any indication that these are
hooked to a gps.

How is everyone else hitting this?

Once that's solved, any chance of finding the PPS?


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