[maemo-users] cannot download LCARS themes

From: Mark wolfmane at gmail.com
Date: Mon Dec 28 18:44:57 EET 2009
On Mon, Dec 28, 2009 at 9:25 AM, Peter Flynn <peter.flynn at mars.ucc.ie> wrote:
> Mark wrote:
> [...]
>> Actually, it wasn't LCARS that was broken, it was GPE that disregarded
>> some of the system colors.
> Thank you for the correction. I tried for nearly a year to get any kind
> of response from either author, but got nothing, so I assumed neither of
> them was interested in making it all work.
> (Sometimes it's better just to lash out with an accusation, and hope
> that someone in the know will come back with a correction :-)
> Have the GPE people fixed this? Or do they still regard themselves as
> right and everyone else as wrong?
>> If you tried any of the other dark themes, they all had the same
>> issue. The problem comes from apps observing the system font colors
>> but disregarding all the other system colors, specifically
>> backgrounds. If those apps would at least let you pick your own
>> colors, it would help.
> It sounds as if they need this explaining to them.
> ///Peter

That particular issue probably just wasn't on their radar. I don't
think the dark themes were even available when they were working on
their apps. Plus, they had bigger fish to fry - GPE are supposedly
working on better import/export, which is a much more important issue
IMO. While colors ought to be easy to fix, major functionality issues
outweigh minor cosmetic issues. Although I love the LCARS themes,
ultimately I got a little tired of them anyway, and I found a darkish
theme that uses dark fonts and doesn't interfere with gpe or

Developers really ought to consider that many people's portable device
use cases include situations where dark themes are very useful and
appropriate and all apps should support _all_ the system colors _all
the time_. But if they're not going to do that then they should ignore
_all_ the system colors so readability doesn't suffer from themes
other than the default. That's far from ideal, but far better than
partial support.

Dark themes are good for use in vehicles at night (so as not to
destroy one's night vision or disturb others) and actually can make
text easier to read in really bright situations (like sunlight) when
the screen is not transflective (N770/800).

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