[maemo-users] cannot download LCARS themes

From: Peter Flynn peter.flynn at mars.ucc.ie
Date: Mon Dec 28 21:31:16 EET 2009
Mark wrote:
> That particular issue probably just wasn't on their radar. I don't
> think the dark themes were even available when they were working on
> their apps. Plus, they had bigger fish to fry - GPE are supposedly
> working on better import/export, which is a much more important issue


> IMO. While colors ought to be easy to fix, major functionality issues
> outweigh minor cosmetic issues. 

Perhaps their triage isn't as effective as it might be. 
Requirement-importance vs Difficulty-of-completion is a hard act to balance.

> Developers really ought to consider that many people's portable device
> use cases include situations where dark themes are very useful and
> appropriate and all apps should support _all_ the system colors _all
> the time_. But if they're not going to do that then they should ignore
> _all_ the system colors so readability doesn't suffer from themes
> other than the default. That's far from ideal, but far better than
> partial support.

Either that, or use a config file. Hard-wiring this kind of thing is so 
unnecessary. It used to be arguable that on a hand-held device, there 
wasn't space for configurability, but that is increasingly less so now.

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