[maemo-users] New battery?

From: Laura Conrad sunny at laymusic.org
Date: Mon Feb 16 17:53:55 EET 2009
>>>>> "Marius" == Marius Gedminas <marius at pov.lt> writes:

    >> Yesterday it hung twice.  I haven't consciously written to the card
    >> since copying the directory with all my books in it right after the
    >> reformat.  So if it's corrupt again, that means I should change
    >> something.

    Marius> I don't remember what 'hung' means in this context, but
    Marius> sometimes this may mean the SD card is not seated
    Marius> properly.  Opening the cover, pushing it in deeper and
    Marius> closing the cover may fix things.

I think what it meant in this case was that it was dying.  The day
after I wrote that, the 770 got in a state where it won't print any
letters.  The lights still come on, and you can see by the different
lighting in different screen areas that the different screens are
still coming up (Nokia, the hands, the home screen), but you can't
read anything on any of them.

So I ordered a 810, and am using that instead.  

I'll be happy to resurrect the  770 if anyone has any ideas for how.
I tried reflashing and it didn't change anything.

    >> Does FBReader write to the card (or try to) if it's reading a book off
    >> the card?

    Marius> No.


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