[maemo-users] New battery?

From: Marius Gedminas marius at pov.lt
Date: Tue Feb 17 08:52:52 EET 2009
On Mon, Feb 16, 2009 at 10:53:55AM -0500, Laura Conrad wrote:
> >>>>> "Marius" == Marius Gedminas <marius at pov.lt> writes:
>     >> Yesterday it hung twice.  I haven't consciously written to the card
>     >> since copying the directory with all my books in it right after the
>     >> reformat.  So if it's corrupt again, that means I should change
>     >> something.
>     Marius> I don't remember what 'hung' means in this context, but
>     Marius> sometimes this may mean the SD card is not seated
>     Marius> properly.  Opening the cover, pushing it in deeper and
>     Marius> closing the cover may fix things.
> I think what it meant in this case was that it was dying.  The day
> after I wrote that, the 770 got in a state where it won't print any
> letters.  The lights still come on, and you can see by the different
> lighting in different screen areas that the different screens are
> still coming up (Nokia, the hands, the home screen), but you can't
> read anything on any of them.

That sounds like the infamous White Screen of Death.

> So I ordered a 810, and am using that instead.  
> I'll be happy to resurrect the  770 if anyone has any ideas for how.
> I tried reflashing and it didn't change anything.

The WSOD is a hardware fault and cannot be easily fixed.

Marius Gedminas
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